Hi, my name is Raz. I’ve had a lifelong interest in health and wellness.

And in particular natural alternative remedies.

I set up this blog to help readers with authentic information on herbs, natural foods, traditional medicine, and more!

I love all-natural methods of healing, eating, and living! 

How I started

I have always been interested in natural cures. Still, I didn’t know anything about them apart few old folk remedies that I’d heard from my mum and dad.

I didn’t pay much attention to it when I was young, but during my college years, I discovered herbalism and found my true calling. 

At first, when I was introduced to herbalism, I had no idea what I was doing!

But as time progressed, I quickly learned that there was a lot to learn about herbalism. I studied and researched as much as I could. 

I have researched numerous herbal papers, attended courses, and participated in many workshops. 

In particular, my interest lies in Tibbe, Unani, Ayurvedic, Chines, and Greek herbal treatments.

Our blog has evolved as we have learned more about herbalism. We shared our own experiences with herbs and shared information from other sources.

We are now excited to share our passion & findings with you!

I was always interested in nature and my world as a young boy. 

I would spend hours outside playing in the woods admiring flowers and leaves. 

I loved how everything worked together and knew there must be a reason. 

When I got older, I started to learn about herbs and their medicinal properties. 

Eventually, when I went to college, I was amazed at how these plants could be used to heal the body, and I knew this was the path for me.

Since then, my goal has been to help people by providing all the relevant information on herbs and other natural remedies to help them feel healthy and happy.

How we can serve you

Herbal remedies have been around for centuries. People have been using them to treat everything from the common cold to cancer. However, many people hesitate to try herbal remedies because they don’t know where to start. 

If you’re one of these people, this site is designed to help you!

What you’ll learn here:

  • Information on various herbs, including their uses and side effects. 
  • Recipes for herbal remedies and instructions on making your very own natural products!
  • In-depth information on different types of herbal medicine from around the world. 
  • Articles and guides on herbal systems like Tibbe, Indian, Chinese, etc.
  • And much more!!!

We believe these traditional medicines have much to offer and are committed to sharing them with the world. Our herbalist team has a deep knowledge of these medicines. We are passionate about spreading the word about their benefits.

I have met many people who think that herbal remedies are old-fashioned. However, despite the skepticism, when people start to research, they discover how unique these alternative treatments are. 

Research has shown that herbal medicine is beneficial in many different ways. 

I take herbal medicines and concoctions daily. Whenever my kids come down with something, my go-to choice is always something natural to treat. My children are very well looked after; they know their parents will do anything for them!

Wherever they have a headache, stomach bug, or skin flare-up, my herbal cabinet usually has something that helps!

Hopefully, this site will help you understand how herbal medicines can benefit your health.

Meet our contributors


Hale is a newly certified herbalist with many years of experience in holistic health and wellness. Her mission is to help people achieve optimal health through natural remedies, lifestyle changes, and plant-based nutrition.
Hale has expertise in identifying the root cause of health issues, creating personalized treatment plans, and providing empowering education on self-healing practices.

Through her work, she specializes in helping clients find relief from chronic conditions such as autoimmune disease, digestive disorders, fatigue, allergies, and stress-related symptoms.

She has extensive knowledge of herbs and supplements that can safely support healing processes without adverse side effects.

Hale has contributed to Avicenna Cure from the beginning with her in-depth guides, recipes, and articles!


Zak is a young herbal student passionate about herbs’ medicinal and nutritional benefits.

He is constantly learning about the various properties of herbs and how they can enhance health and well-being.

In his free time, he enjoys experimenting with different herbal recipes and studying the many uses of herbs.

Zak is committed to educating others about the powerful healing properties of herbs and natural remedies and, when fully qualified, will make an excellent herbalist.