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Treatments in Unani medicine As our lives become engulfed with yet more modernity, and we come across more illnesses and ailments, we seem to have a spiritual calling to turn back to older, better systems. Hence, our growing inclination towards Traditional Medicinal systems. Unani is one such ancient systems of medicine. It was popularised by

Treatments in Unani medicine

As our lives become engulfed with yet more modernity, and we come across more illnesses and ailments, we seem to have a spiritual calling to turn back to older, better systems.

Hence, our growing inclination towards Traditional Medicinal systems.

Unani is one such ancient systems of medicine. It was popularised by Indian Muslims and is utilised worldwide.

What is Unani?

Unani is a system of using naturally available herbs to treat ailments and keep healthy.

Unani works on a principle of the body’s balance. It starts with the four primary bodily fluids or humors (Akhlat).

They include:

Blood (Dam)
Phlegm (Balgham)
Yellow Bile (Safra)
Black Bile (Sauda)

According to Unani, these bodily humors contribute to the body’s major temperaments.

They further combine with environmental and other elements. The state of balance among all this decides the body’s physical and mental health.

Good health can only be attained when these elements are in balance. Unani focuses on establishing this balance to cure and prevent health issues.

Now; let us delve into specific unique Unani Treatments.

Some Treatments used in Unani

Leech Therapy (Hirudo)

This therapy is among the most common and effective ways of treatment using Unani.

It is also known as Bloodletting or Hirudo Therapy.

How does it work?

Leeches are used in medicinal ways to promote better blood circulation and detoxification. Blood is an important body humour.

Leeches are let on the affected area. This carnivore attaches to one’s skin using its teeth and is allowed to suck around 5-15ml of blood for around 20minutes.

This assists in the removal of contagious blood. Moreover, the leech’s saliva contains anticoagulants (hirudin) that are released into the blood.

It encourages better quality and quantity of blood, thereby balancing the homeostasis.

The arrangement of the leeches on the body is checked, from time to time. On completion of the process, the leeches are separated and disposed of.

What is it used for?

Research says the many enzymes found in the saliva of the leech assists in:

Improving the fluid form of blood, encouraging circulation.

Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-biotic benefits
Cures psoriasis, ringworms, ulcers, scabies, etc.

It can also treat:

Hypertension, Mania, migraines, arthritis, varicose veins, etc.
Overall, good blood-flow ensures better health and healing.


The aromatic herbs and natural products have an optimistic influence on our mind and body. Unani includes ancient Aromatherapy as a healing aid.

How does it work?

This therapy uses many aromatic herbs in massages, meditation, inhalation, application, etc.

Some of the familiar aromas include:

Oils: Eucalyptus, Almond, Lavender, Soya, Castor, etc.
Chamomile leaves

What is it used for?

Essential oils are used in reparation of various aromatic drugs that are used in Unani.

They have the following benefits:

Skin healing and care
Antiseptic and disinfecting
Relieves and soothes fever, migraines, stress, etc.
Cures coughs and colds

Cupping Therapy (Hijamah)

Cupping is now a famous technique for treating health conditions. Its existence in Unani dates back to centuries.

How does it work?

Cupping is a form of suction force applied to the body to release tension and increase blood flow.

A cup-like horn is attached to the affected skin area, and the vacuum created causes suction. This leads to removal of morbidity in the humors.

Cupping may or may not include using fire as a heating agent. The cups used, it’s positioning, duration, etc. are decided depending on the disease.

What is it used for?

It is mainly helpful in:

Cleansing the body of wastes
Treats spleen-issues, malaria, haemorrhoids, boils, and scabies.
Decreases inflammation in uterus and testes.
Reducing excessive menses

Massage (Dalak)

Massaging is considered as a way to relax and restore the body into better functioning. It provides rest and promotes health. Various massages are a part of Unani.

How does it work?

Massaging is done on the patient to relax and stimulate the body in the right ways. It has many overall advantages.

Massaging in Unani uses techniques to apply pressure on the skin’s underlying layers and nerves.

Rubbing, tapping, kneading, vibrating, etc. are carried out. Massaging may be accompanied by ointments, essential oils, medicines, aromatic herbs etc. to make the simulations more effective.

What is it used for?

The pressure applied on the body via massaging help with the principle of balance that Unani focuses on. It assists in the release of toxins in the humors and also encourages the better flow of these fluids.

It is useful to:

Increase better blood circulation
Relieve joint pains and stiffness
Relax and reduce stress
Improve skin and scalp health
Enhance metabolism
Improve organ functioning
Overall strengthening and immunity

Turkish Bath (Hammam)

Among the many ways Unani uses to detoxify the body, bathing is a very ancient and crucial one. Frequent bathing can be healing and is utilised to treat and cure many conditions.

How does it work?

To enhance the medicinal and therapeutic effects of bathing, rooms with customised bathing facilities are prepared.

The type of bath and therapy required depends on the condition an individual is diagnosed with.

Hot baths are used in the treatments of various diseases and in curing internal functions. On the other hand, colder baths are used for relaxation and overall immunity purposes.

The bath treatment also focuses on a setting particular to the individual’s needs to facilitate better bodily balance.

Baths are often paired before or after aromatherapies and massages.

What is it used for?

The Turkish bath aims at:
Maintenance of a correct body temperature and homeostasis.
Curing muscular wasting and sores
Weight loss and improved metabolism
Inducing heated stimulation in the body using hot baths
Increasing the viscosity of the humors
Excretion of harmful toxins through the skin

These are some among the many treatments and therapies that are used in Unani.

Final Words

The different kinds of diseases and ailments have different underlying reasons. The underlying causes are generally internal, and so are its solutions. Any hindrance in the body’s elemental balance can disrupt its functioning and lead to adverse health effects.

Unani makes use of various natural ways to encourage healthy living. It includes numerous techniques, treatments, therapies, etc. They aim at curing the affected state of health.

The effect of Unani medicine and its ways is not just focused on healing. It also promotes the preservation of health and prevention from follow-up conditions.

The many ancient techniques have proven to be efficient and without any after-effects. Due to many available treatments and proven cures, Unani is among the leading alternative medicinal systems of today.

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